Gone are the days when a drab background and a half-hearted smile on a business card will suffice. You have three seconds (or less) to not only grab a viewer’s attention but to also send the right vibe. I’m passionate about partnering with professionals to effectively convey the message they want to resonate with their client audience through compelling photography.

the difference between headshots and personal branding

A personal brand session is all about capturing your business. With headshots, the focus is simply capturing your portrait, most often on a plain background. With a branding session, we’ll still grab a few headshots for you to use in your business, but we dive deeper into the story of what you do and why you do it! We capture the details of your business, lifestyle photos, photos of you in action, your products, etc. We’ll customize your session to the type of business you run and the story you wish to tell about your brand through your photos.

choosing the best places to tell your story

The best tip I can give you for choosing locations is to start by deciding what kind of story you want to tell. Then build your selections around it. Focus on environments where you outwork your passions. This might be where you work behind the scenes, or where you go when you’re off the clock and just living a normal life. You may even find the perfect location is simply in your own home or office. Ideally, if it’s indoors we’ll be somewhere with plenty of natural light, as these locations will produce the best photos. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, coffee shops, hotels, studios or co-working spaces are often great places to start. During our strategy call, I have a brief questionnaire that will help spark some ideas that best suit your brand.