Hey There!

I’m Kirstie Donohue

Photography has been a lifelong passion of mine. I’ve been viewing my life through a camera lens since I was a child. I see the world around me in the form of photographs. I notice light, shadows, color, and texture in everyday structures and landscapes that most people just pass on by.

When people are in front of my lens, I’m always seeking to capture that meaningful moment, that special glance, that second when everything falls into place; when the child who refuses to smile finally cracks up into a fit of laughter… you get the idea. I truly feel that the fleeting moments in between the perfect poses are where the real magic shines through.

I would love the opportunity to capture moments like these for you and the special people in your life. Let’s get a date on the calendar for your session.

All the best,


Session Experience

What is a session like with me?

Fun, I hope!

Photo sessions should be enjoyable for all involved. I know that may sound unrealistic to some. I remember how much work it was (and still is) to coordinate photo sessions for my own family — just getting there felt like a marathon. I’m here for you! We will have a pre-session consultation to go over all of your questions, expectations, and details. I just need you to arrive on time to our selected location and I’ll take it from there. It is my job as the professional to put everyone at ease, take your mind off the fact that you are actually being photographed, and let you be completely in the moment. Leave it to me to find the best light and the most flattering angles. I don’t do a lot of posed photos however, I do believe that they have a place and a purpose. We will start with the “everyone looking at the camera” shots as our pre-game warm-up, and then through a series of prompts led by me, we will see what naturally unfolds. There is usually a lot of laughter, sometimes at my expense, but hey, whatever it takes to get the shot!


Children & Family

In the moment. Genuine laughter. Tender glances. Movement.

These are a few words to describe my style. It is so important to me that you can truly be in the moment with your family and enjoy your time together.


I offer personalized styled sessions for a variety of ages.

Whether for a child, tween, or teen on their way to adulthood, a styled session is guaranteed to be a fun and unique way to create a printed heirloom that will be treasured for generations.


How in the world is your baby getting ready to graduate?!

Another big milestone is on the horizon. Before the special senior in your life moves on to the next adventure in theirs, capture them as they are right now.


Your headshot is so much more than just a photo – it’s a first impression.

I have photographed professionals from a wide array of industries who work for, or own, companies large and small.


Pets are our family members, and our greatest friends.

Their unconditional love deserves to be celebrated! Whether yours is an energetic new baby, a very wise senior, or somewhere in between, there’s no time like now to document them in all of their furry (or feathered) glory! You’ll never regret doing so.

Because someday today will be a long time ago.

Your Smile. Your Personality. Your Style.



What clients are saying

What an incredibly stunning portfolio! 

I love your use of light and your thoughtful approach to your images and your composition. Well done, and a huge congratulations to you!

National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP)