Children & family

What to expect

In the moment. Genuine laughter. Tender glances. Movement. These are a few words to describe my style. It is so important to me that you can truly be in the moment with your family and enjoy our time together. This allows me to capture authentic, honest images versus perfectly polished, formal poses that can often feel contrived. Will I pose you for a few? Absolutely, but I will do this in the beginning of the sessions. I like to call it the “warm up.” The rest of the time, I will guide you through various activities and prompts that result in genuine interactions with your loved ones.

I can be silly and boisterous if it suits the situation, or calm and quiet if one of your family members is shy. Above all, I want you all to relax. Let me take the lead and do not worry if a little one (or a big one) is not cooperating. As Elsa says, “let it go.” Allow the moments to naturally unfold, and I will quickly click the shutter. It will be FUN- as all family photoshoots should be!

Photo sessions begin at $550

What to wear

Outdoor locations in the spring and summer provide the perfect natural lighting and beautiful sceneries to be surrounded with. Try coordinating your outfits to align with your location for more cohesive shots. Pops of color. Complimentary colors. Mix in small patterns. Solids are always classic. Layers & movement. Proper fit.

Avoid: neon colors, large logos, distracting patterns & shoes, itchy fabrics on kids.

Beach sessions

Beach sessions are amazing…and talk about fun for a whole family. Who doesn’t love a little sand between their toes, and the salt air? We can take a walk, build sandcastles, and at the end, with parental permission, we even can get a little wet!

As with any outdoor location, to take advantage of the beautiful golden hour light, we will need to start at sunrise, or about an hour to an hour and a half before sunset. I am often down at the Delaware beaches, but do travel, on occasion, to the Jersey shore.